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A wellpoint dewatering pump onboard a ship?

19 November 2018

In a rather unusual application for us, you can now find a PT130 wellpoint dewatering pump in the engine room of the Devyanta, a barge used for sand transportation. During the summer months, the shipowner replaced an existing diaphragm pump with a wellpoint piston pump, the aim being to increase the speed in which the load could be dry.

Mr. Vlot, the owner of the Devyanta, is extremely enthusiastic about his purchase of the dewatering pump. "Using this pump, the wet sand is quickly dry and that saves us time. The PT130 not only has a higher pumping capacity than the diaphragm pump, it also draws a high vacuum of up to -9 meter and can be operated dry-running without any worries."

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A wellpoint dewatering pump onboard a ship | BBA Pumps