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BBA Pumps delivers special pump for GTL plant

01 July 2020

One of the world’s most well-known oil and gas companies has asked BBA Pumps to produce a custom mobile electric pump with a demanding feature set.

The electric pump is intended for use in the Middle East’s largest GTL plant, where the ambient temperature regularly rises to 50° Celsius. While the pump unit will be located outside the ATEX zone, it must still meet the same safety requirements.

Initially the pumping medium will be process water. However, the client intends to use the centrifugal pump for processing other liquids in the future. For this reason, 316 stainless steel has been specified. The same versatility applies to the suction system, the pump currently receives pre-pressure, but is still equipped with its own vacuum system so it can be used as a dry self-priming pump in the future.

The electrical components, such as the soft starter package, must be safely installed and kept dry behind a lockable door. Due to the extreme outside temperatures, forced ventilation is essential.

The final item on the client’s feature list concerns the duty point. With a pump capacity of 480 m³/hour and a head of 22 mwc, the BA180E D328 fits perfectly into place. BBA Pumps has extensive experience with mobile ATEX certified pumps, that knowledge has been well applied in the production of this custom unit.

Portable electric stainless steel pump units for oil and gas companies | BBA Pumps