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Electrically driven pumps with a canopy

19 April 2022

Clients regularly ask us for advice when planning their purchases. A common question concerns the electric pump sets: What is the advantage of an electric pump with a canopy compared to an open frame version?
Whether it’s a mobile unit or a permanent installation used in the open air, electric pump sets with a closed canopy are growing in popularity every year. Below are the main reasons why the choice is actually quite a simple one.


All electrical components and rotating parts are perfectly protected. The canopy doors are provided as standard with high quality locks. This provides both a practical and safe solution, especially at locations with an increased risk of vandalism.

Super Silent 

An electrically driven pump is by design not particularly noisy. But there is always an audible noise from the moving mechanical parts. However, once a canopy is placed around it, the unit is practically silenced. Official dB(A) measurements are almost impossible to measure, because the ambient sounds almost always drown out the noise of the pump set.


Perhaps longevity is a better term. The galvanised canopy is equipped with composite doors and panels. As a result, the pump, motor and electrical components are protected from the weather elements, dusty sand or other external factors.
If your electric pump is built into a canopy it is guaranteed to last much longer than it would in an open frame.


Electric pumps in a canopy are cheaper than an open frame version. Of course, the purchase price is slightly higher but the investment is quickly recovered.

Safety is priceless. The Super Silent operation makes the pump perfect for use in densely populated areas. Its Durability ultimately makes the purchase a financially sound one. The pump set in a canopy not only has a much longer life, the residual value after the depreciation period is also higher than that of an open frame version.

Finally, and of importance for some companies: the canopy can be easily adapted to carry their own company logos and other branding elements.

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