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Even the 12-inch BA300E pump is multifunctional

10 June 2020
12-inch BA300E mobile pump is multifunctional | BBA Pumps
When most people think of a multifunctional mobile pump, a compact 4 or 6-inch dewatering pump typically springs to mind. However, with BBA Pumps, all pumps with an E-style impeller are suitable for multifunctional use in a wide range of applications, including pumping raw sewage water.

The largest mobile pump with an E-impeller is the 12-inch BA300E. During the cold winter months, this pump was used in a sewage bypass project in the Russian city of Archangelsk. Following this it was moved to a site in Saint Petersburg filling a reservoir with river water. Then it was quickly on to the next task, this time to clean sewer pipes in good company with some BA150E pumps.
“Not only does the BA300E perform exactly as described in the specification sheet and pump curve, but in many cases it delivers significantly more, especially when it comes to pressure. It also copes amazing well with heavily polluted waste water and any air bubbles. There are no tremors or vibrations, even with large amounts of air coming in” says D. Knyazev from Baltstroy Servis.

Sewage bypass project in Russia | BBA Pumps
BA300 mobile pump to clean sewer pipes | BBA Pumps