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Introduction new Handy line - Flow meters

19 October 2022
BBA Pumps new Handy line flow meters
What is Handy?
Last week we proudly introduced our revolutionary new Handy line couplings and accessories. Read Introduction new Handy line - Couplings and accessories with the explanation and benefits of our new 4-inch quick couplings. Today is about the latest Handy flow meters for use in portable piping systems.

Handy water flow meters

For many pump professionals flow measurement is a regular part of their daily work. In some countries it is even mandatory to measure how much water will be pumped from A to B or how much groundwater has been extracted from a certain area. The new Handy flow meters are:
  • Ultra-light weight (up to 44 % less weight);
  • Compatible with 4-inch system C;
  • Available with personal branding;
  • Fitted with the Easy Lever Lock;
  • Stackable on top of each other;
  • Equipped with lockable cover.

Overview features all models

The Handy water flow meters from BBA Pumps are specially designed for use on mobile pump systems. The combination of light weight, carrying handles and ergonomic design makes these water meters ideal for use in the field. We provide five different models, each portable water meter has unique features. Learn more in the flow meters overview or contact us for additional information.

Connectivity with the Smart Handy

The electromagnetic Siemens flow meter is available with an integrated module for remote reading. This allows the processing of the measurement data anytime and anywhere, from mobile phone or PC. 

Stay tuned for more Handy news to come!