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Introduction new Handy line - Portable valves

02 November 2022
BBA Pumps Handy portable valves for mobile pumping systems
What is Handy?
Recently we proudly introduced our revolutionary new Handy line couplings and accessoriesRead Introduction new Handy line - Couplings and accessories with the explanation and benefits of our new 4-inch quick couplings. Today is about portable valves for use in mobile pumping systems.

Handy gate valve

The pump capacity and back pressure can be regulated with portable gate valve in the piping system. This way you can quickly close the pipes in no time if the mobile pump has to be disconnected. The portable Handy gate valve from BBA Pumps is equipped with easy lever lock couplings, a lockable cover and ergonomic handles.

Handy non-return valve

The BBA Pumps portable non-return valves are designed for mobile use in the field. The Handy is lightweight, low-maintenance and equipped with quick couplings.
Typical applications for portable non-return valves:
  • Wellpointing, when several pumps are connected to one central discharge pipe;
  • As an additional non-return valve for sewer bypass work;
  • For tackling large height differentials and preventing backflow or water hammer.
Stay tuned for more Handy news to come!