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Introduction new Handy line - Pump strainers

26 October 2022
BBA Pumps Handy pump strainers for sewage pumping
What is Handy?
Recently we proudly introduced our revolutionary new Handy line couplings and accessories. Read Introduction new Handy line - Couplings and accessories with the explanation and benefits of our new 4-inch quick couplings. Today is about the latest Handy strainers for use in mobile pumping systems.

Handy pump strainers

Suction strainers help to avoid blockages in the centrifugal pump. Handy suction strainers with quick couplings are available with different sized perforations. In addition to perforations, BBA Pumps also supplies suction strainers with bars which enable the free passage to be increased for sewage pumping. Other unique features are:
  • Ultra-light weight (up to 50 % less weight);
  • Shaped to reduce chance of vortex;
  • Lifting eye to make cleaning easier;
  • Fitted with the Easy Lever Lock;
  • Standard carrying handle;
  • Perfect inflow design.

Overview all models

We can help you to determine the maximum free passage that the suction strainer needs in combination with the right pump for each application. We provide four different models, each strainer has different perforations. The quick couplings are compatible with system C and the launch covers a complete 4-inch range. Check out the Handy suction strainer overview.

Stay tuned for more Handy news to come!