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Make pumping easier with the new accessories platform

15 November 2019

BBA Pumps has completely updated its assortment of accessories for mobile pumps. Information has been made more relevant with new technical data and product videos. In addition, new products have been added to further optimize your pump system.

Pipes for water transport  

A clear overview of discharge pipes and header pipes from small to large with quick release couplings compatible with various systems. Discover new products such as our transport racks or use the online calculator where you can quickly calculate friction loss and pump head.

HDPE Pipes for Water Transport | BBA Pumps

Quick release couplings

When thinking of quick couplings, galvanized bends or Y-pieces normally spring to mind. However, the choice is much wider, scroll through the selection on our website to see the complete range of BBA Pumps male and female quick couplings.

Quick Release Couplings | BBA Pumps


Their light weight and flexibility is no secret for the users of the new BBA Flex hoses. Have you discovered them for yourselves yet? See the video or download the specification sheets. You can also find all the information you need for lay-flat hoses and wellpoint hoses.

BBA Flex hoses | BBA Pumps

Wellpoint dewatering systems

Everything you need for a dry construction site! 
HDPE header pipes system B and C
Shock resistant filters up to 9 meters and jetting tube
Stackable sand collectors and non-return valves
• And an extensive video about wellpoint dewatering

Wellpoint Dewatering Systems | BBA Pumps

Water flow meters

It is impossible to imagine life without flow measuring during temporary pumping systems. A flow meter placed in the discharge pipe provides you with useful information on the pumps activity. BBA Pumps supplies a complete range of portable water meters with quick couplings. The "smart handy" flow meter is the most popular! Video »

Water Flow Meters | BBA Pumps

Make pumping easier

Some users are not familiar with all the solutions that we have. Small changes to mobile pump installations can lead to major improvements in performance, for example, a portable non-return valve costs almost nothing but it protects your pump. Are you familiar with of our mobile suction strainer or the aerators with quick couplings?

Optimize your pump system | BBA Pumps

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