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Mine Dewatering pumps can’t wait

19 June 2020

A good example is this diesel driven BA-C150 mining pump in Germany. The client has taken every step to avoid any downtime. The pump is connected to a large external fuel tank so it can run non-stop for extended periods. A special towing frame located under the pump set allows a bulldozer to easily drag or push the unit through the open mine. Telematics enables any error messages to be remotely read and provide advance notifications of upcoming maintenance. This is further complimented with a support agreement from the BBA Pumps service team who are available 24/7, providing complete peace of mind to the user.

BBA Pumps diesel driven BA-C150 mining pump in Germany

Technicians with a passion for pumps

“This is why we are constantly looking for technicians with a passion for technology who are ready to go the extra mile every day. The mobile pumping world is perhaps not so well known but it’s an extremely interesting industry with many technical disciplines” says Ruud Freriks - Service Coordinator of BBA Pumps.

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