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New BBA Pumps control panel for Stage V pumpsets

09 July 2020

With the introduction of Stage V engines for mobile machines in Europe, BBA Pumps rolls out a new control panel for electronically governed pumpsets.

Mobile pumps with electronic diesel engines produce lots of useful data. By making smart use of this available information, your financial investment can be quickly recovered by setting up a temporary pump installation in the most optimal way.

For this reason BBA Pumps has developed a new control panel which displays all these data in a user-friendly dashboard, allowing you to effortlessly manage the functions of the pumpset.

In fact, BBA Pumps has actually two new control panels. The type LC40 is designed for the most common pump models, and the type LC45 for large mobile pumps with indoor and outdoor lighting or a reduction gearbox. The difference between the two is largely due to the extra functionalities and the number of available inputs.

The key features

  • Very user-friendly
  • Compact and modern design
  • Multilingual adjustable display
  • Stepless switching of engine speeds
  • Easy navigating between screens
  • Automatic stop/start based on water level
  • DPF regeneration functions for different engine brands

New BBA Pumps control panel for Stage V pumpsets