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New tractor-driven emergency pump BA160L

19 December 2023

BBA Pumps is expanding its range of tractor pumps with a new emergency pump designed for flood control. The BA160L is a dry prime centrifugal pump mounted on a robust tractor frame. With a capacity of
10 m3/min and a variety of user friendly features, it is a real must-have for water management authorities.

New emergency pump BA160L designed for flood control | BBA Pumps

Pump performance of the BA160L emergency pump

The new BA160L D420 TWGT emergency pump is tractor driven. High pump efficiency results in a low required PTO power. This means that even small tractors are suitable, making this pump ideal for deployment around the world.
  • Pump capacity up to 620 m3/h (10 m3/min)
  • Maximum head 29 mwc
  • Free passage 80 x 65 mm
  • Total weight 1140 kg
  • 4 year BBA warranty

Dry self-priming tractor pumps for water authorities

Heavy rainfalls are becoming more frequent which are then offset by bone-dry summers. Water authorities are looking for flexible pumping solutions to adequately manage water levels. The existing range of tractor-driven emergency pumps starts at 12-inch which can sometimes be considered too large. Further, we are receiving increasing demand for tractor pumps that are dry self-priming. Simply connect the pipes, start the tractor and the vacuum system does the rest.

Work made safer and more practical

Setting up emergency pump systems in the event of critical high water is not a regular 9 to 5 job. Contractors and water board managers often work day and night in such circumstances.

To assist contractors, the new BA160L is supplied as standard with work lighting and red-white security cones. Further innovations such as quick couplings positioned at ergonomic working heights are just some of the impressive features.

Are you interested? Please contact us for more information.

New tractor-driven emergency pump BA160L | BBA Pumps