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Prices & Payment

Not yet. We are working on offering other payment options in the future.
The payment conditions for webshop orders are the same as for ‘normal’ orders and as agreed between BBA Pumps and your company.
6. Prices
1. Quotations are always without obligation and are only made on the basis of the daily prices applicable at the time, applicable levels of salaries, social security contributions, travel and accommodation costs and materials. The quotations made may not be relied upon in legal proceedings.
2. The prices quoted by BBA Pumps are exclusive of VAT and are based on ex works, Doetinchem, The Netherlands (EXW, in accordance with the Incoterms as in force on the day of conclusion of the agreement), unless otherwise agreed in writing. Any applicable discounts shall always be stated separately on the invoice.
3. If one or more cost-determining factors undergo an increase after the conclusion of the agreement but before the delivery (without wanting to be exhaustive), for example an increase of rights and/or excise duties, wages, supplier prices, transport prices, private VAT or a change in the value of currency – even if this happens due to foreseeable circumstances – BBA Pumps is entitled to increase the agreed price accordingly.
4. Errors in pricing, which can be demonstrated by means of a valid price list, can be corrected by BBA Pumps afterwards and passed on. All prices mentioned on the website and in offers of BBA Pumps are subject to programming, typing or writing errors.
5. Product samples, witness testing and customer-specific drawings will be charged separately, unless stated as being included in the scope of delivery. If BBA Pumps has to make or use new drawings, calculations, descriptions, models or tools etc. in case of possible repeat orders, costs will be charged.
6. The packaging is not included in the price and will be charged separately, except for cardboard or other light packaging. Return of used packaging, if agreed in writing, is not included in the price and will be calculated separately.
7. The costs of loading and unloading and of the transport of raw materials, semi-finished products, models, tools and other products made available by the Other party are not included in the price and will be charged separately. The aforementioned costs paid by BBA Pumps are considered as an advance payment at the expense of the Other party; BBA Pumps is therefore entitled to still set off or charge these costs at a later stage.
8. If BBA Pumps has agreed with the Other party to assemble the product, the price is calculated including assembly and turn-key delivery of the product at the place mentioned in the offer and including all costs, except for costs that according to the preceding paragraphs are not included in the price. Costs incurred due to unworkable weather conditions will be charged by BBA Pumps to the Other party.
9. The Other party shall be liable for all costs, possibly unforeseeable, in particular costs arising from the fact that, for whatever reason, assembly cannot be carried out in normal daytime hours and travel and accommodation costs insofar as these costs were not included in the price.
10. If BBA Pumps and the Other party have agreed on a price in a currency other than the euro, the exchange rate into euros on the day of order acceptance will apply.