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Pump Spotlight with user experiences

18 November 2022

This month the BA75 dewatering pump is the spotlight! After its introduction three years ago, this 3-inch mobile centrifugal pump has quickly become one of the most popular dewatering pumps worldwide. It may be small in size, but this multifunctional pump is big in performance. It has a highly enthusiastic user base who are keen to share their experiences.

Pump Rental Companies     

Pump rental companies are a key customer segment and when developing new innovations, we listen closely to their feedback. Below are just some of the comments we have received from pump rental companies about the BA75 D220 based on reports from their end-user customers.

“This hire pump is lightweight, making it easy to transport on any small trailer or pickup”

“The 3-inch rental pump delivers 100 m³/h and the diesel engine consumes very little fuel. With the current high fuel costs this is really important for rental pump customers”

“It’s a really multifunctional hire pump that can quickly draw in liquid, making it a great choice as an all-round hire pump”


Many civil engineering companies have also embraced the BA75 D220 dewatering pump. With construction projects you always have to deal with excess water that needs to be pumped out. We asked a few contractors to share their experiences:

Most contractors refer to the pumps versatility. “This dewatering pump can be connected to a drain, dewater a construction pit and also handle coarse dirt particles with the same ease”

“It’s nice and lightweight, any mini excavator can move the pumpset around the job site”

“The 1-cylinder diesel engine doesn’t consume much fuel, so the dewatering pump can run for a long time on a single tank”

Would you like to learn more about the BA75 D220 mobile pumpset? Please contact us.

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