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Smart flow meters System C

Always up to date with regard to the pumped capacity via wireless communication 

BBA Pumps has developed the Smart Handy water flow meters. The digital water meter is battery-powered and is equipped with a wireless communication module. This allows you to check and process the measurement data anytime, anywhere via SMS or e-mail. The water meter is built in a light-weight portable casing completed with quick couplings for ease of use in the field.
  • Battery life: more than 3 years 
  • The product comes with a calibration certificate
  • When installed behind a settlement tank, high measuring accuracy of up to 0.5%
  • Experience the convenience of remote reading, saving significant time and money
 Please contact us to discuss your needs with a product specialist.
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WMMAG8000DN150GSM/EUR Cardan Handy
Item No. 11981
Diameter : 6" System : System C
Diameter : 6"
System : System C
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Siemens "Handy" watermeter MAG8000/GSM
Item No. 14511816V
Diameter : 4" System : System C
Diameter : 4"
System : System C
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