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The 3-inch mobile BBA pump is ready for action!

09 January 2020

The BA75 has been developed for a large target group. In fact, it’s a mobile pump for everyone. It has all the features of a real construction pump – it's compact, lightweight, super silent, clean, economical, has high capacity with a large solids handling and is very robust. 

BBA Pumps BA75 diesel driven 3-inch pump

Pump performance

A 3-inch pump with a 42 mm solids handling and a capacity of 100 m³/hour. That might actually be a bit over the top, but it does make the pump suitable for a wide range of applications.

Compact and lightweight construction pump

By using modern materials and technologies, the complete pump set weighs only 875 kg. Further, during transport, the BA75 only takes up a loading area of just 1.5 m².

Clean, economical and super silent mobile pump

The BA75 is driven by an economical single-cylinder Hatz engine that complies with the strictest emission regulations, allowing the pump to be used anywhere in the world. The low engine RPM in combination with the perfectly insulated canopy results in a super silent pump set.

Robust pump with a 4-year manufacturer’s warranty

The new 3-inch pump has been fitted with components that have been successfully used for years on other BBA models. For example, the well-known MP50 vacuum pump and the heavy cast iron open impeller with double wear plate. That’s why BBA Pumps offers a 4-year manufacturer’s warranty as standard!