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The first plug-in hybrid wellpoint dewatering pump

17 February 2022

BBA Pumps is proud to introduce the first plug-in hybrid wellpoint dewatering pump. It’s often the case that the power supply is not available at the job site when starting a new dewatering project. With the new plug-in hybrid PT pump you can start reducing the groundwater level using the diesel engine and as soon as the power supply is available, you can easily switch over to the electric motor.

How does the plug-in hybrid pump work?

In the super silent canopy, you will find a PTclassic piston pump designed on the know-how from more than 30 years of experience in wellpoint dewatering. The pump is assembled with both a diesel engine and an electric motor. The Plug-in hybrid is incredibly simple to work with. All you have to do is stop the diesel engine with the ignition key and then connect a 32A socket to the plug of the electric motor…

…Now you can start up the electric motor immediately with the star-delta switch without having to change drive belts. There is no hassle in the field with aligning the motor or exchanging complete pumps. Download the specifications of the new plug-in hybrid wellpoint dewatering pump or contact us for more information.

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The first plug-in hybrid wellpoint dewatering pump | BBA Pumps