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The wellpoint system is running before the jetting water dried up

19 February 2021

Nice feedback from a satisfied wellpoint dewatering customer in North Wales. And that makes sense as the new wellpoint gear works much more efficiently than the old, knowing that the project will last for many years to come.

“We are replacing old pitch-fibre sewer pipes on a caravan park with around 1100 vans. The run we are working on is the service pipe, we will be laying a new 160 mm plastic main with 110 mm branches to each caravan. It's mostly the main pipes that we change as they are the most troublesome due to the depths. But this particular line is collapsing all the time so it has to be done before the park opens. The new wellpoint gear is fantastic compared to the way we used to install the wells. This job will keep us busy every winter for the next 7-10 years” Says Dafydd Jones, owner of D.W. Jones Plant Hire Ltd.