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Our history

Established in 1953

The history of BBA goes back to 1953, when Mr. Bruin started in Apeldoorn as a producer of piping systems for water transport. The next step was taken in the mid-1970s. At that time, BBA started supplying pumps. Since then, our company has developed internationally into a leading manufacturer of mobile pump systems.

Family business Bruin Buizen Apeldoorn

Since its foundation, several generations of the Bruin family have succeeded each other. They share an entrepreneurial spirit, an interest in technology and the urge to innovate. The original company name is Bruin Buizen Apeldoorn:
Bruin = the family name, currently in the third generation
Buizen = a Dutch term for piping systems
Apeldoorn = the place of origin of our company

We have grown together with our customers

The growth of our company is owed to a large group of loyal customers. In the first decades, the focus was mainly on the Dutch wellpoint dewatering companies. With their expertise and input, it was possible to develop our products further into the best available anywhere in the world. In the 1990s, our efficient and super-quiet mobile pumps started to receive attention from beyond our domestic borders. Since then, our products have found their way to all parts of the world and we work closely with major international customers.