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Warranty information


The warranty period on BBA products depends on the pump series. All details can be found in the BBA Pumps Warranty Book (pdf) (16 languages).


In the event of detecting a fault, it is the responsibility of the owner to immediately stop use of the product and/or decommission it. Then the defect shall be reported within eight (8) days to a BBA Pumps importer, distributor, dealer or workshop using the enclosed warranty claim form.

Such notification must be made as soon as possible and no later than eight (8) days after the date on which the user has noticed or should have noticed the defect for the first time and thus no later than eight (8) days after expiration of the warranty period. The owner is recommended to retain for himself/herself any evidence as to the date on which the report was made, for example by means of a copy of the letter. The warranty claim form must be completed completely and truthfully by a BBA importer, distributor or dealer and returned together with the corresponding defective product and/or explicit photographs to the service coordinator of BBA Pumps BV.

For a careful assessment and rapid processing of your application, we ask you to complete this form in the English language.

* Pictures of the malfunction/complaint are necessary to ensure correct processing of your warranty request. It is therefore required to upload at least one picture with this form.