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BLOG | BBA Pumps USA has its own website

15 February 2024

BBA Pumps has two different English websites. You are currently on For North American pump users, we have In this blog we explain why we have two English websites.
  • On the website all information on the range of pumps and accessories is tailored specifically for the North American market;
  • The technical data is given in the Imperial measuring system for the USA. At we use the metric system;
  • EPA emissions regulations for diesel-driven pumps are Tier 4 final. Worldwide, emission requirements vary from Stage II to Stage V;
  • Our BBA Pumps Inc. team can respond faster without delays due to time differences between continents;
  • This now makes it easier for us to focus on current events and pumping projects in North America.

BBA Pumps USA in brief  

We established the BBA Pumps Inc. operations in Charleston, SC back in 2010. Today, a large team of pump, service and logistics specialists are at your service. From this facility we can guarantee short delivery times across North America based on a large stock of portable pumping systems tailored to the market. Our international clients located outside North America are supplied with pumps and piping systems from our factory in the Netherlands.

Pump data in Imperial measurement units at 

In the US, and partly in the UK, the imperial measurement system is used. In other parts of the world the metric system is standard. The table below provides an overview of the differences we encounter in the pump industry.

 metric unitsimperial unitsconversion
Pump flowm3/hgpm1 m3/h = 4.4 gpm
Pump headmwcpsi1 mwc = 1.45 psi
Pressurebarfeet1 bar = 33.4 ft
Sizemminch25,4 mm = 1 inch
PowerkWhp1 kW = 1.34 hp
Weightkglbs1 kg = 2.2 lbs
Distancekmmile1 km = 0.62 mile

Diesel driven pumps on 

Emission regulations for combustion engines vary worldwide. Portable pumpsets in Europe must be powered by Stage V engines. In North America, the EPA (Environmental Protection Agency) requires engines that meet Tier 4 final. The diesel engines are often the same, but the after treatment systems and certifications differ, so the pump sets are not identical. At you will find all details of pumpsets with Tier 4 final engines.

Service and support from BBA Pumps USA

As a pump user you depend on fast service and good support. The time difference between the American east and west coasts is just a few hours. But when served from overseas locations, the time difference can be up to one day. Our technical team in North America has a modern workshop and a large stock of genuine parts available. From our Charleston, SC facility, our response times are short and we ensure that the uptime of your BBA Pumps unit is as long as possible.

An important corporate core value is exceeding our client’s expectations and that also includes a tailor-made website. Visit and experience for yourself our commitment to this market.